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Michigan OMS is Birmingham’s premier oral surgery practice specializing in dental implants, wisdom teeth extraction, jaw surgery and wide range of corrective procedures designed to preserve your beautiful smile. We’re always welcoming new patients and we encourage you to contact us today to schedule a consultation with one of our board-certified doctors.


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What Our Patients Are Saying

"Dr. Anderson is so awesome. Today was my son’s procedure and he and his assistants were so sweet and easy going. If I was asked by anyone for a recommendation, your office would definitely be getting it. Thank you so much for treating my family so wonderful."*

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 - Katy V.

“Dr. Anderson removed a tooth of mine a few years ago. He was a wonderful dentist. He was professional and very nice. I had a problem after the removal and he saw me immediately when I called. It turned out I was allergic to the thread used to sew my gum (he would have no way of knowing) but was very concerned about my pain. I would highly recommend and plan to use him again to have another tooth removed.”*

Birmingham - Michigan OMS Dental - stars1

 - Grace L.

We Offer Advanced 3D Imaging and Virtual Surgery

Our offices are equipped with 3D imaging, which allows the doctors at Michigan OMS to study the entire facial skeleton in three dimensions. This technology enables the doctors to evaluate the health and anatomy of the bones of the face, as well the relationship between the skull, facial bones and teeth. The doctors use this imaging to plan dental implant surgery, bone grafting, exposure of teeth, orthognathic (jaw repositioning) surgery, and to evaluate for pathology.

The doctors are also able to use this imaging to perform virtual surgery, where the surgery is planned in fine detail before the actual procedure is performed. Once the online virtual surgery is complete, the doctors receive surgical guides used in the office or operating room. This technology is used in intricate and advanced cases to ensure the highest level of patient care available.

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